WebMD Review

No matter what the diagnosis, WebMD has been a source of information for patients and doctors alike ever since it first appeared on the internet. Its user friendly format helps the layman find the latest articles and information about any medical condition, and now the mobile application takes that accessibility even one step further. Users can utilize the app to learn basic first aid, find drug or treatment information, or look up symptoms. In fact, whatever health concerns users have questions about, WebMD mobile likely has the answers.

What Can it Do?

The Symptom Checker lets users touch the part of the body that is troubling them and determines any possible conditions or issues that may be happening. Once they have an idea of what is ailing them, the information can be taken to the doctor to help with a medical diagnosis. This application is also extremely useful in an emergency situation to show what to do in such situations. Whatever the problem, the medically reviewed content can help, and there are even visual guides demonstrating how to perform CPR, the Heimlich maneuver, and more.


Going to the doctor without knowing what is wrong can be an expensive and frustrating experience; it can also be quite frightening. While the WebMD mobile application does not replace a physician’s diagnosis, it can give them a starting point and help increase communication between the doctor and the patient. In addition, by entering age, location, sex, and symptoms, this program recommends medical doctors who may be able to help with treatment if necessary. It also gives drug, vitamin, and supplement information that includes usage, side effects, warnings, and interactions.

Operating System

The WebMD mobile application was originally designed for the iPhone operating system, which was somewhat problematic. However, it is now available on the Android, Blackberry, and Windows operating systems as well, allowing it to reach a much wider audience. With over 2.5 million users who have downloaded this tool, it is one of the top applications on the market. It is also one of the first mobile web applications to use trusted privacy protection program TRUSTe’s mobile website privacy certification product that is now compatible with all major mobile operating systems.

Future Upgrades

WebMD recently upgraded their mobile application by redesigning some of the key features, such as making sure that the first aid essentials are now available anytime, even when offline. There is also now a pill identification tool that can help identify medications by the shape, color, and imprint. The database is constantly updated and information can be sent to an email address for more research. Users can also take advantage of the local health listings, which help them find the closest pharmacy, physician, or hospital.

This on-demand mobile application lets users make the most of their health care plan. While it is not designed for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, this tool is a springboard for learning about what may be wrong or learning more about a recent diagnosis. Its comprehensive database provides solutions for anything from an insect bite to a broken bone and how to handle emergency situations. In addition, users will never again have to search for that pharmacy slip that came with their medication to find out about drug warnings and precautions or to try to determine which pill they are taking.

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