WaveSecure Review

WaveSecure is a mobile phone security application which protects important information stored on the phone; it can be used with Android and some Blackberry phones. This kind of application is especially useful if a phone has been misplaced or lost and the user cannot find it. By utilizing WaveSecure’s technology, a user can prevent data such as contact lists, call logs, and SMS from being accessed by someone finding the phone. In addition, this mobile application is incorporated with an online tool that allows users to “tell” the phone to enable WaveSecure from any computer in the event the phone has been lost.

Setting up the WaveSecure

With an application size of 600 KBs, WaveSecure is installed directly into a smartphone’s memory system and runs in the background of other software. After a user has installed WaveSecure, the application will perform an initial setup, during which it asks for a PIN password and a contact number for several individuals whom the user trusts. This enables the application to send a message to one of these people in case the phone is lost. A variety of options are then displayed on a main-menu screen, such as tracking, secure phone, media uploading, and backup data.


With WaveSecure, a user never has to worry about losing priceless data, pictures, or other information. The backup option allows the user to send any data to WaveSecure’s online server for immediate backup or retrieval. When uploading media, these files can also be sent to the server, where they will be backed up and made accessible in case the phone is lost. When using the “lock down phone” feature, the user is essentially “locking” his or her phone in its current condition, while “wipe now” means erasing everything except email and account credentials; the phone never reverts back to its original factory condition. Also, all of these features can be remotely enacted from any computer.

Tracking a Lost Phone

Tracking with WaveSecure allows the owner of a lost mobile phone to know if a SIM card has been put into the phone. When a strange SIM card is put into the phone, WaveSecure will send a message to the contacts listed on the phone, along with an alert to the web interface. Using the web interface will also allow a user to track the phone’s location. In the event that a lost or stolen phone cannot be taken back, the user has the option of using the remote “wiping” command so that no personal information can be accessed. In addition, WaveSecure has conveniently installed a “restore” function in case a phone is recovered; this function will restore the phone to its previous condition.

While WaveSecure will have a definite appeal to most users who would like to remotely track or lock their phone in case it is lost or stolen, it may not be as useful to those who input highly sensitive data into their Android or Blackberry. The “wipe” function doesn’t complete delete everything on the storage card, nor is WaveSecure able to restore all settings and information to another smartphone. Since McAfee owns WaveSecure, it was expected that this application would reveal more sophisticated performance ability in preventing data theft or unauthorized data access. However, the next generation of WaveSecure is anticipated to be improved on the previous model.

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