TrueCaller Review

Aggravation from receiving too many sales-oriented or spam calls can make the average cell phone user wish cell phones had never been invented. Fortunately, True Software Scandinavia AB has created an application (now compatible with Android phones) called TrueCaller. The application allows users to block unwanted calls, identifies callers, and permits the user to search for all public listed phone numbers published in 25 countries, such as Canada, India, Italy and the United States. TrueCaller also provides a simple blocking method which allows only specified calls that are important to the user to get through.


TrueCaller is equipped with some useful functions, such as name display, reverse number lookup, location and number of the caller, and a social website feature that notifies followers when the user is on the phone. What this application is most coveted for, however, is its ability to support a list of callers the user blocks in order to prevent unwanted calls, whether from salespeople or individuals with whom the user no longer wants to speak. In addition, TrueCaller also notifies the user of spam calls that are being received and tagged by other users who utilize the application’s database.  This particular feature helpfully allows a TrueCaller user to block spam before they even receive it.

TrueCaller Step-by-Step

After installing TrueCaller on an Android, Symbian, iPhone, or Windows phone, a main screen will pop up showing the three main options: call filter, search, and update phone book. The search function lets users search for public numbers, which can be saved to the phone book instantly. Call filter also has a database of phone numbers which have previously been tagged as spam by other users and will notify you when a blocked number is attempting to access the phone. Of course, a user can always put any number they want into the call filter data bank and avoid talking to individuals to whom they do not wish to speak.

Social Functions

One interesting and convenient aspect of TrueCaller indicates just how important social websites have become in everyone’s lives. Fortunately, the makers of TrueCaller realized this when they decided to enhance their application with features that allow the user to connect with their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts. Besides being able to post status updates or messages, users can also view updates made by friends in real time. In addition, if it is available, a profile picture of who is calling or texting the user is viewable on the screen, which lends even more security to the user in knowing exactly who is contacting them.

More about TrueCaller

When a cell phone that utilizes TrueCaller application is turned on, it will begin immediately and run silently in the background; from there, numbers associated with all incoming calls and text messages are checked by TrueCaller’s data bank. If the database discovers that the number is in the user’s contact list, it will not do anything. If, however, the number is not found, then the application will quickly connect using WiFi or 3G to a server and search for the phone number. Also, TrueCaller will allow the user to specify which country is being searched for a specific number in order to speed up the process.

Trial Application

TrueCaller offers a seven-day trial application in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Canada, Italy, and the U.S., after which users can directly purchase the application from their phones or from TrueCaller’s official website. Due to privacy laws, TrueCaller was previously not  available in the United Kingdom but is now operational in that country as well. In addition, this application will work properly as long as the user has an EDGE, 3G, or WLAN internet connection installed in their cell phone. As a method to avoid any unwanted or unwelcome calls, TrueCaller is a helpful device for those who must handle a high volume of calls each day.

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