Paypal Review

Paypal has been an industry standard for sending money nearly since the internet really boomed, and certainly since its inception. Now, an increasing number of people are using the service for all their banking and monetary needs. Their mobile application was an original offering on the iPhone App Store when it began mid-2008 and they have gradually been improving the service over time. Now, with the release of a 3.0 version and the addition of Bump Technologies, they have added a mobile application that makes sending money even easier.

What Can it Do?

It is currently even easier to send a money request to contacts or to withdraw money from the account and deposit it into a bank account. The Bump integration even lets money change hands by simply tapping two phones together and entering the dollar amount of the transaction. Users will no longer have to worry about lending money to friends and not getting paid back quickly. With the PayPal mobile application, getting money is only a few clicks away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


There is no longer a reason to wait for the banks to open or a need to drive to the nearest ATM at the last minute. PayPal provides easy access to money, and an integrated tip calculator and bill splitter makes this application even more functional. Parents will also enjoy the “PayPal for Kids” program that lets them sub-link their accounts to their children’s, which provides an easy way to transfer funds. Parents can set spending restrictions, access online purchases, and even view all transactions their children make – and the option of a debit card makes it ideal for adults as well.

Operating System

The Paypal mobile application was originally created for the iPhone market and has expanded to include the Android marketplace and RIM’s Blackberry operating system. They partnered with Appcelerator to create a mobile commerce application that uses one code base for a simplified platform. The benefit of this simplified interface is that it provides the most access for all users. The hope is that eventually merchants will be able to use this technology in place of credit cards by using a simple, secure, two-click checkout process.

Future Upgrades

PayPal mobile application recently upgraded to increase its functionality, so now there are adjustable push notification features, a new beta feature, and additional assistance available. Users can determine how long they want to be logged in to the application and be informed whenever money is sent, requested, or received. They can even keep track of purchases that are made. There is even a Frequently Asked Questions Help Center that gives answers for PayPal basics for new users, as well as a new PayPal Local feature that helps users find nearby store and services that accept PayPal.

The use of smartphone technology has soared over the last few years, and in a short time, smartphones will rule the telephone market. Just in the last six months, PayPal has doubled its mobile application’s volume with over half a billion dollars in money flowing through the system. This free mobile application is a proven valuable tool for consumers, and with recent upgrades, PayPal continues to listen to what is needed in the market. The app is already revolutionary in terms of monetary transactions, and may soon replace banking altogether.

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