Health Insurance Website WordPress Plugin

We know we are a mobile review site, and this review does not talk to our focus. However, we bumped into the creators of a WordPress plugin called Visual Sticky Footers at last year’s South by Southwest Conference. After becoming mates with these fellows we decided to try one of their plugins on our website.
We choose a plugin called Visual Sticky Footer (VSF), which allowed us to create different sticky footers on different pages. You might have noticed that we have the VSF on both our Latest App Reviews page and our Cool Devices page. You  also may have taken note that these sticky footers are using different icons and different colors for the bar, which is great. A lot of the other plugins we looked at only allowed for site wide or single page use.
Another great feature is that the plugin has over 100 plus icons already built into it, but what makes it really robust is that you can add your own icons…very well done! For many blogs acquiring lots of icons just doesn’t make sense.
However, it is not all beautiful rose petals with this plugin, there are some thorns to it. A couple things we feel they could improve upon is the visual side of the footer bar and the ability to add real time advertisements.
The actual bar itself is a little too big for our site. We would like the option to have the bar and icons be smaller. We also don’t care for the gradient coloring. Maybe it is the love for design on our team, but we strongly feel that having the ability to better design the bar should be a must in their next plugin update (you are going to update it Dan, right?).
The second gripe we have is that the bar is not to friendly with banner advertising. It can be done, but the banner shrinks when attempted. Also, it would be nice to have an expiration date on the advertising. That way the ad could be setup and forgotten about.
Other than these concerns, we would give the plugin an eight out of ten for its functionality and usability. If you are using WordPress than definitely take a look at our friend’s VSF plugin.

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