Cooking Capsules Review

For anyone who has ever felt incompetent in the kitchen, there is now the Cooking Capsules mobile application to help them attain new levels of culinary skill. This useful tool contains “watch,” “shop,” and “make” options that provide a beginning-to-end experience for budding chefs. It has easy to follow directions and videos which make creating a meal simple, while customizable serving sizes eliminate waste. Users can learn how to cook exciting new dishes with this fun, informative mobile application.

What Can it Do?

Cooking Capsules is designed to break down the cooking process into easy to digest pieces that help users create a masterful culinary dish. They simply need to scroll through recipes, find one that looks tasty, and tap on it. The screen will show all the tools that are necessary to make the item and give an in-depth description of the recipe. The application will then create a shopping list with the necessary ingredients, although additional items can be added to suit the chef’s tastes; the user can then watch the short video and prepare to enjoy a delicious meal.

Operating Systems

Cooking Capsules was the brain child of Mary Ann Cotter in response to the 2008 Google Android Developer Challenge. She had already shot a few pilot cooking shows and was looking for a market to distribute them to home cooks. After partnering with a developer in India, she created the concept of providing mobile users with the tools necessary to create exciting culinary dishes. By combining the user experience with a user friendly interface, they came up with an award winning solution for the Android platform.


Many people do not learn by reading; rather, they do much better with a hands-on demonstration; as a result, traditional cookbooks can fail to inspire great chefs. By having a multimedia option available from the convenience of a mobile device, users are more likely to learn how to cook from the experience, and their endeavors will be more successful. In addition, they don’t have to worry about forgetting a key ingredient at the store with the handy shopping list feature. By downloading this interactive application, there will soon be a variety of delicious recipes available in their repertoire.

Future Upgrades

Currently, one of the major problems with Culinary Capsules is the lack of recipes available. Originally, the application only came with eight recipes: four French recipes and four Indian recipes. However, they recently released eight additional, eagerly anticipated brunch recipes for the program and more are expected; it is anticipated that new recipes will be released as specific collections for a small fee. In the future, the cooking instructions should be updated, in conjunction with the serving sizes, to make it less confusing when preparing a recipe.

Culinary Capsules is a wonderful idea for those who enjoy cooking or those who are learning the process; by breaking down how to cook dishes, the app makes it an easy and entertaining way to learn. However, until more recipes become available, this application has limited functionality. With creators promising new collections available soon, though, this application may soon become a go-to guide for how to make tantalizing treats. This unique approach to cooking makes it a stand-out winner in the application market today.

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