AndroidScan Review

Barcodes provide a lot of information to retailers about a product, and now consumers have access to that knowledge through AndroidScan. Consumers can get automatic barcode recognition by using the built-in camera available on Android phones along with this mobile application. It allows them to find pricing and detailed information about CDs, DVDs, books, and other products from This is a great way for users to keep up with what they are spending, which is one of the big draws.

What Can it Do?

To use AndroidScan, users simply take a picture of the barcode on an item and it will pull up the product with detailed reviews from The application will also search traditional brick-and-mortar stores for the product, giving users the option of calling the store or getting driving directions to the location. For those who prefer to purchase the product immediately, links to online stores are also available. Music lovers will enjoy the option of playing sample tracks from CDs directly from their phones as well.

Operating Systems

AndroidScan was developed for the Android operating system as part of the Google’s Android Developer Challenge. The challenge was developed as a way to compete with the iPhone application market, and it awarded $25,000 to the best 50 applications created. Developer Jeffrey Sharkey found himself up to the task when he noticed store employees using scanners for inventory and realized mobile phone users could have that kind of power as well. Thanks to this epiphany, this application won a spot in the top ten mobile applications entered and became a standard in phones everywhere.


Barcode scanning gives users the secure knowledge that they are paying the best price and know about the product that they are purchasing. Users will no longer get home with a new CD only to discover that the track that they wanted is not on there. In addition, they will be able to read book, CD, and DVD reviews, and scan local libraries to see if there is a copy available. With the online purchasing option, users will be also be able to obtain instant gratification, since they no longer need to search for the best place to purchase a product

Future Upgrades

Recent upgrades have even made it possible to quickly build shopping lists and wish lists, which can then be shared with friends. In the future, AndroidScan may be able to get information about a much wider range of products. Users may soon be able to scan high ticket items, such as jewelry and LCD televisions. They can then determine which products are the best and where to get the lowest price from the convenience of their mobile device. This could also be used for retailers that offer price-matching opportunities to consumers.

The AndroidScan mobile application revolutionizes the way the users will shop in the future. By being able to view all of the facts about a product, where it is available, and what prices are offered, shoppers will no longer have to search multiple locations for the information. They will never have to suffer from buyer’s remorse again with this simple, functional mobile barcode scanning tool. This application is also available under the name Compare Anywhere in the Android Market.

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