The Mobile Entertainment Forum is a project that has been created between 3 friends who are very passionate about the mobile technology industry. For years we have had difficulties searching for honest reviews and reliable information on the internet and in retaliation, decided to create our own website. We figured that if we were frustrated at the informational available, countless others would be as well. All in all, our aim is to help other people who like us, love all things mobile. After all, this is passion that started a long time ago.

A Look into the Past

Many of us can still remember the excitement of purchasing our first mobile phone almost two decades ago. Back then people were still predominantly using pen and paper to send messages and good old fashioned rotary telephones to talk long distance. However, the introduction of the mobile phone changed the way humans communicated forever and did wonders to make the world a smaller place.

As far as market trends go, everyone wanted a mobile phone. Unfortunately though, the cost of owning a mobile phone was prohibitive for most due to outrageous contract terms. In fact, looking back it’s easy to wonder what people found so convenient about carrying bricks in their pockets which had a battery life of a few hours. The truth is that this was the latest technology of the time and was quickly sweeping the world.

Keeping in Touch with Technology

Luckily since that time, the mobile phone market has made leaps and bounds to create the type of mobile entertainment devices we use today. This can be largely contributed to microchip technology and the advancements caused due to firm competition by major early mobile manufacturing giants like Nokia and Sony Ericson. Recently though, the market has exploded with new entrants.

It’s actually due to the last point why it is vitally important for websites like ours to exist. There are so many new mobile entertainment options to choose from that vary in functionality and style. Google have even made it onto the scene with their now highly popular Android operating system which is competing with the likes of BlackBerry, Nokia’s Symbian, Microsoft’s Windows 7 and even Apple.

Mobile Entertainment Momentum

Stepping back, there was a brief period when people refrained from updating their phones as their really wasn’t any great new development. However, these days the features available on smart phones are enough to enthrall the most stubborn technophobe. It is now possible to very easily video call, send emails, watch movies, listen to music and surf the internet to name a few features – all from a tiny little handheld device.

In addition, there are now hundreds of applications available which provide consumers with the ability to have so much more control over their environment. Apart from the thousands of games available, consumers can have applications that provide GPS tracking, medical problem diagnosing, weather reports and the likes. There is even an app called Google Goggles that allows consumers to take a picture of a place and have information about it sent straight to their phone.

We Review it All

Apart from these smart phones that we have become so reliant on, and for good reason – they are incredibly convenient; there are now tablets available that allow individuals to read electronic literature, communicate through email and social media, watch movies, play games and do a host of other things. The idea with these tablets is to provide the ultimate mobile personal computer for consumers.

Having rushed through the last two decades of mobile entertainment, it is easy to see why now more than ever, it is important for websites like ours to review these products so that cautious consumers can make a well informed decision on what to buy. This is something that we take great joy in doing, so please take a moment to look around our website and see what we have to say about your next mobile entertainment device or application.