Hello and welcome to our Mobile Entertainment Forum, the place where consumers can find honest reviews on the latest mobile entertainment devices and applications from around the world. Unlike other mobile websites which provide a rundown of specifications and a blatantly biased opinion in order to get sales, we have built a reputation by providing our readers with useful, real world information. Below is a look at the sort of things we review.

The Latest Mobile Phones

All it takes is one quick look into the mobile phone market to be overwhelmed at the sheer number of options available. Each manufacturer has its own specialties let alone the single pros and cons that are prevalent in each of their mobile entertainment devices.  Luckily we have a team who are dedicated to testing and reviewing each of these products to help consumers decide not only which of them are worth their weight in salt, but which of the mobiles will be most beneficial to consumer wants and needs.

Mobile Phone Operating Systems

Another aspect of the new mobile smartphones and tablets is that they now all work similarly to our personal computers. What this means is that each mobile phone has an operating system that is used to power the hardware and provide functionality to the user. At the moment there are a few operating systems out there, but the most popular are Microsoft’s Windows 7, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Apple is definitely the most stable operating system as the other two are relatively new. However, all of them have their strong and weak points that can mostly be defined by user preference.

Mobile Phone Applications

A mobile application put simply, is software that is designed to run on smartphones and tablets, among other devices. To date there are hundreds of thousands of applications available which allow users to do everything from find the latest coupons at their local restaurant, video conference call, check the weather, and even navigate their way through museums if they want to. There really is a mobile entertainment application for every aspect of our busy lives and this is what makes them so interesting. We find the latest applications and review them for you right here.

Mobile Phone Accessories

Although most mobile entertainment devices come with everything really required to make the most out of them, there are thousands of accessories currently available to enhance the user experience. This will include mobile accessories such as memory cards, car kits, cases, skins, screen protectors, desk stands, speakers, docking pods, and of course the wide variety of Bluetooth headsets and devices. With the current capabilities of the modern mobile entertainment device, the market is really flooded with accessories – exactly why we need to help review the best of them.

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Other Mobile Devices

Although we concentrate more on smartphones and their applications, our love is for all things mobile. As a result we have tested and reviewed a number of other mobile entertainment devices. This includes the now popular tablet which has its fair share of pros and cons both in the domestic and business world, as well as portable gaming devices like the PSP. Our aim is to be able to give consumers a fighting chance at knowing exactly what they are in for before they part with their hard earned money.

If you are unsure where to start, please either use the search box above to find a review or use the pages to either look through our reviewed devices or applications. We would also love to hear your own thoughts on any of the products so please feel free to leave a comment.